How to Manage Freelancers: Future of Freelancing

The freelance workforce is already 53 million strong and an estimated 40 percent of the labor force is expected to be freelancing by 2020.

While working with freelancers can offer several advantages for small businesses, managing freelancers can also be a daunting challenge.

Since freelancers work for so many different clients, as opposed to employees, it becomes essential ensuring they are on the same page about workload, deliverables, and deadlines. Things can get even more complicated when building freelance teams.

Before you know it, you need a project manager dedicated to supervising just the freelancers! Are you frustrated with managing your freelancers?Crowdplat to the rescue.

Backed by 500 startups, Crowdplat is an enterprise crowdsourcing platform that’s redefining IT outsourcing. Since it’s launch, Crowdplat has completely disrupted the $250 billion IT outsourcing industry.

The platform has been helping leading enterprises find verified freelancers for technology projects.

The platform allows several freelance project managers in the United States, who are all background checked, to compete for enterprise project work and provides the winning project manager with other freelancers and tools to deliver the project. Since its launch at the Demo conference last year, CrowdPlat has been onboarding several leading enterprises.

Will CrowdPlat’s Nex Generation Outsourcing Platform Solve IT Freelance Management Woes?

Earlier this year at CES 2016, CrowdPlat announced that its next generation outsourcing platform will include added features intended to streamline the onboarding process for project managers and freelancers.

The platform has also been made available for multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android phone and tablet, and Apple Watch. Now, enterprise customers can pick up a mobile device and talk through the requirements instead of spending hours writing down detailed specifications.

Crowdplat claims its platform has freelancers from 15+ countries, with several of them from offshoring hotbeds such as India, China, and Russia. Enterprise customers can now tap into the vast pool of freelance talent from around the world they never had access to before.

CrowdPlat hopes to be a leading player in the freelance revolution providing companies with on-demand access to the labor force. The platform has gained increased adoption and is soon turning out to be a viable alternative to consulting firms such as MindTree, TCS and Wipro.

Although there are several leading freelancing platform available for startups and small businesses such as Upwork, Crowdplat’s cOutsource platform was built from the ground-up for the enterprise customer to outsource projects through a freelancing platform and not to consulting firms.

The platform brings accountability through the choice of qualified project managers, and reliability through verified freelance developers, designers, and testers from around the world.

Freelance Management Tips: How to Boost Productivity

Whether you’re working with just one freelancer on a one-off project or managing an entire team on a new app or website, increasing productivity starts with a better understanding of freelancer schedulesand workflow. If you don’t need the power of a platform like Crowdplat, there are still other productivity apps to consider for streamlined communication and workflow.

Bottom Line

Managing freelancers is no easy task, but new tools and platforms like Crowdplat are improving productivity and streamlining day-to-day management, minimizing logistic headaches and communication snafus. Do you use Crowdplat or another freelancer management platform?

Which tools work best for your needs?